Plan for new stockholder structure

533 AG plans to invest in and incubate several companies throughout the rest of 2014. As one of the first changes under the direction of Ricardo Ferrer Rivero, newly elected Chairman of the Executive Board, 533 AG will be proposing stockholders a plan to buy-back and subdivide all preferred stock by the end of 2015. This new tracking stock will have a price, receive dividends and be coupled with other conditions related only to the operations of a specific division of the company. These changes will allow 533 AG to invest in different projects at the same time without considerably increasing the risk for existing stockholders. All new preferred stock should be managed digitally as a crypto-security through the counterparty peer-to-peer financial platform  a distributed, open source Internet protocol which is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and network. Stockholders will be able to transfer and trade stock freely and securely. We expect these changes to start taking place by the end of 2014.