Hannover's two lighthouse projects: Edelstall and "Die Werke" will soon fuse to create the platform for the future we've named Hafven. We both believe that in the future everybody will benefit when we all get the chance to experiment more, to share more, to learn more.  

Currently we are building in Hanover's northern district our new home, which not only brings coworking and making to a whole new level, but also opens up a lot of new possibilities- a playground of ideas and opportunities for members and guests alike.

7 Areas:

  • Coworking,
  • Open Workshop + Maker Space,
  • Events,
  • Knowledge + Education,  
  • Culture + Society,  
  • Nutrition + Café,
  • Startup Incubator (Capitol)

An Amazing Team:  

  • Jürgen Pleteit,
  • Ricardo Ferrer Rivero, 
  • Christoph Zimermann,
  • Hardy Seiler,
  • Nikolai Reichelt,
  • Jonas Lindemann,
  • Hannes Buchholz,
  • Hendrik  Schwedt,
  • Lina Meyer,
  • Felix Wende,
  • Alexander Ziegler. 

Begins: Sommer 2016
Category: Future of work, coworking and maker space, resource usage optimisation though sharing.
Key People:  Jürgen Pleteit, Jonas Lindemann, Hannes Buchholz