Edelstall was a coworking space in the heart of Hanover, Germany. From 2010 until 2016 it's the place we called home, our headquarters and the breeding ground for several 533 projects. It was first the physical interpretation of our philosophy and the answer to the question "where to start?". Edelstall rented office space to freelancers, startups and small businesses on a daily to monthly basis. It was also the hub for a range of events and workshops related to design, culture, programming, technology and trends. Edelstall was an important tool to manage the risks of a growing business, and also as the go-to place when looking for talent for our portfolio companies.

In 2010 we provided the legal and business framework to make this project a reality. Edelstall incubated for two years inside 533 Group GmbH, the precursor and later subsidiary of 533 AG. In 2014, 533 Group GmbH rebranded itself to make room for Edelstall to grow. 533 AG currently owned 54% of Edelstall GmbH until its fusion into Hafven in 2016.

Founded: October 2010
Category: Facility Management, Coworking Space, Events, Startus, Future of work
Key People: Christoph Zimermann, Hardy Seiler, Nikolai Reichelt, Jonas Lindemann, Hannes Buchholz, Hendrik  Schwedt.