doctape was a cloud storage service that optimised audio and video files in order to deliver the best streaming experience for any screen size and bandwidth. It even converted OpenOffice, Photoshop, Illustrator files and much more. 

As doctape's first investor, we helped shape the strategy and subsequent investment rounds for the company. With the investment deal, Ricardo Ferrer Rivero entered the company as Chief Creative Officer and was in charge of coordinating and planing projects in the following areas:

  • Product management and conceptual design
  • User Interface and User Experience
  • Roadmap and feature planing
  • PR and Social-Media initiatives
  • Help and Customer Service
  • Internationalisation and Regionalisation
  • Human Resources

In September 2014, doctape announced it will bring its thinking and technology around files to the best team collaboration tools on planet by joining Atlasssian, the world-wide leader in enterprise software geared towards software developers and project managers. [view press release]

Founded: 2011
Invested: January 2012
Category: Cloud storage service
Key People: Sascha Reuter
Acquired: September 2014 by Atlassian