Die Werke

Die Werke was an open workshop, urban mini-factory and learning place at the same time. Hobbyists, tinkerers, inventors, and artists could find inspiration and room for creativity. With various tools and machines members were able to realize their ideas in wood, metal or plastic.

In workshops people learned to deal with a circular saw, laser cutter or 3D printer. Once a month, it hosted "Repair Café" where experts helped everybody to repair defective equipment, bicycles and toys.

In 2016 "Die Werke" fused with Edelstall to become Hafven.

Founded: Mai 2014
Fused: October 2016
Category: Open Workshop, Maker Space, Hacker Space
Key People: Christoph Zimmermann, Nikolai Reichelt, Jürgen Pleteit

Relationship to 533: Fusioned with Edelstall to create Hafven